We’re Planting the Seeds

We’re on our way now to the great adventure of providing web presence services to customers helping them get online and realize success in anyway they envision. As you wander through our site you will see that our theme is the blasting off of high powered rockets.

Rockets represent the ultimate advancements in technology and engineering. They also epitomize performance, security, stability, fault-tolerance, and availability. This service is what we aspire to provide to all of our customers. Our covenant is to provide the best possible service from inception to deployment.

We will work tirelessly for customers that want our help to bring their vision online from scratch or through the migration from another hosting company. We set out to do the web hosting business the right way! A vision that was born during discussions about the way hosting should be and how we can provide REAL value to small businesses instead of just collecting rent.

Small businesses must have a unique web presence. A website that is both reliable and a channel that they are proud to share. Small business operators need to focus on the growth of their business. They need a partner that will marry the technical complexities of hosting and domain names with the creative and substance they want to convey about their business – without dominating their time and attention.

Old versus New

The old school web hosting industry is dominated by huge companies that offer impersonal solutions to as many customers as they can grab! They cram customers on their servers which results in inefficient systems that 
handcuff their ability to innovate and provide the best products.

Their goal is to maximize their own profits by continually increasing their prices and offering oversubscribed resources on decaying servers, stuck in small cages in deteriorating data centers hoping that no one website uses too many resources and brings the entire house.

They also huck the flashy, new “website builders” that inevitably trap a small business into their degenerating platform which makes their website obsolete almost as soon as it is published.

Today, we give small businesses access to the future of web hosting, Amazon’s massive cloud computing platform and a carefully curated set of partners to build a site that adds value to their business. Our solutions are sized and priced to allow the growth of your web presence while still taking advantage of the same technology that the world’s largest websites use to run their own businesses.

Our hosting products simplify creativity and creation making the process effortless, so you can focus on what matters most, your happy customers, steady growth, and a strong bottom line.

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