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Take Your Domain To The Top-Level

Mapping your domain name to your Brainstorm website allows you to own a piece of the internet and bring your vision to life. Working with us to communicate your vision. We will not only help you migrate an existing domain but we will work with you to map your domain from any other domain registrar to your Brainstorm hosting account which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the entire Brainstorm technical platform including the Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare architecture. A domain name mapped to Brainstorm will provide our Content Delivery Network, managed security services, caching and proxy layers.


When you buy a domain name, you are really buying your own space on the internet. The Internet is democratic and allows you to have as much voice as any other person or company in the world. You can share your benefits or your business or sell your products online. You provide your own opinion and tell people what you think. Most of all, you can do and be what you want. We will do whatever we can to help you bring your vision to life.


Registering a domain name and setting up a website is just the beginning. Having a website can be exciting and expressing your creative vision and your business or opinion is the fun part – adding capabilities to your site, content, products, forms, etc means that you will need to experiment and have trial and error. We provide that care and feeding and we are your back-up when you need help.


Google is the lifeblood of being found online. Creating your website using the guidelines that Google prescribes is a huge part of being indexed successfully in search engines. The rules are constantly changing but one thing has always been a constant. Creating a quality website with unique content and making the structure and underlying technology consistent with their guidelines will help you be found in no time.

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