The Next Generation CDN Hosting Solution by CloudFlare for Amazing Performance CloudFlare is a website optimization technology that brings performance, speed and security features to your website via its next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN).
The CloudFlare CDN optimizes your website performance by caching the static content of your website (such as JavaScript, CSS and image files) on its servers that are located in more than 100 data centers around the world. When a user visits your website, the content is served from the nearest CloudFlare server, which reduces page load times.
Brainstorm offers CloudFlare CDN hosting to provide blazing fast speed to your website. You can easily activate and configure CDN hosting with a single click through our user-friendly Control Panel. No code changes or hardware changes are required. We even manage your DNS changes and setup your CloudFlare​ ​account automatically.​ You can also use SSL with your CloudFlare-enabled website.

Benefits of using Cloudflare

Since CloudFlare brings your website content closer to your visitors, your website’s speed and performance is increased to a great extent. In fact, according to CloudFlare statistics, you will see an average increase of 30% in your website speed and 60% less consumption of bandwidth.
In addition to speed improvements, CloudFlare also provides protection from DDoS attacks, protection from automated bots and spammers, email harvesting protection and various other benefits. CloudFlare also keeps monitoring all incoming traffic to your website, filters out malicious traffic and allows only genuine visitors to pass.
This reduces the number of hits to your site and also saves on resources for even better speed.

Improved Performance

Because CloudFlare has caching servers located throughout the world, your web pages load faster which improves the performance of your website.

DDoS Protection

Our advanced CloudFlare hosting service protects your blog or website server from DoS and DDoS attacks.

Security Alerts

Your visitors get alerts that they might have a virus or malware infected PC or laptop so that they can take immediate action.

Always Online

Your website will never go offline as CloudFlare show pages from its cache. So even if your server is down, your website is still visible to the users.

Website Analytics

With CloudFlare, website analytics stats are more accurate as it keeps track of each visit. It gives you better insight into search engine crawlers and spams.

Free CDN

CloudFlare provides free CDN (Content Distribution Network), which means your content is distributed in different data centers around the world, making it closer to the visitors.

IPv6 Compatibility

Automatic IPv6 Gateway enables IPv4-only websites to support IPv6-only clients.

Free DNS

CloudFlare is one of the largest providers of free DNS (Domain Name Server) hosting. It provides better speed than most DNS providers and additional features such as filtering, rate limiting, and blocking.

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Brainstorm has been a big part of our success – we highly recommend making them a partner with your business. — Victor Trasoff – WAAYB Organics

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