Global Availability

Brainstorm has data centers spread across the world to help you get closer to the users and facilitate optimized and faster loading of web pages. No matter where you are and where your audience is located, we are committed to providing unmatched experience to your website users for their maximum satisfaction and high conversion rates.

Brainstorm’s globalization feature allows you to choose the location where you’d like to host your website. So if you are a Freelancer in Australia with clients in California, you can choose to host your site in Brainstorm data center near US, closer to your clients. This way your prestigious clients can instantly access your web pages without any glitch and you can continue making more business relationships.

Choose From Our Ten Data Centers For Your Next Site

Brainstorm currently has 10 data centers around the world where you can choose to host your next website. You can keep your web hosting in proximity to the location of your audience for low latency and maximum speed. This way you will remain closer to your users no matter where you are located in the world. As of now, we have data centers in Asia, North America and Europe. However, we will soon expand our footprints to other continents too.

Lighting Fast Speed Across the World with Cloudflare CDN

While Brainstorm Globalization feature itself gives your website maximum speed and performance even if your website experiences high traffic, we also offer Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting solution. It optimizes the performance of your website by caching the static content on its servers that are located in more than 100 data centers around the world.

Super-Fast File Transfer with our Re-imagined SFTP

Brainstorm SFTP server provides a highly-secure, reliable and faster way to transfer your files. When the users log into SFTP, they connect to the SFTP server that is in close proximity to your data center. This ensures accelerated file transfer and content security on the way.

Our Capabilities

We combine research-driven strategy, inventive design, and clean coding to architect change and build the best experiences for our clients’ audiences. Since 1999, we’ve worked with many companies of all shapes and sizes. Some of our optimization services include:


Technology Providers

  • WAAYB Organics
  • Square
  • WooCommerce
  • ShipStation
  • CloudFlare

From our customers

Brainstorm has been a big part of our success – we highly recommend making them a partner with your business.

— Victor Trasoff – WAAYB Organics

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