Brainstorm’s delightful platform offers you next-level managed WordPress hosting packed with sleek workflow tools that are a total dream for developers and agencies. The result is a completely unique, next-level platform that allows you to quickly and easily build, launch, and manage any (and all!) of your WordPress sites.


  • Optimized to deliver the best performance for your sites. We consistently outperform competitors in performance benchmarks.


  • Industry leading partners and best practices to make your web presence exactly the way you envison


  • One-click core updates, no server management, and the highest performance possible.


  • Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Brainstorm the best place to host WordPress sites.


  • Scale to millions of page views without affecting performance on our container-based infrastructure.


  • The fastest caching solution for Drupal and WordPress with full page caching and granular cache control built-in.


  • Free yourself from server maintenance. Brainstorm automates sysadmin work so you can focus on development.


  • Over a million checks a day trigger alerts to any potential performance issues.


  • All sites on Brainstorm are distributed over a global network of servers to keep page loads below a second and security airtight.


  • SSL/TLS certificates are issued free and automatically on Brainstorm, and certificates never expire.

World Class Partners

Powerful tools and best practice workflows to supercharge your development efficiency.

Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality. Brainstorm’s Managed WordPress hosting stack is built upon Amazon Web Services. This allows us to leverage a near infinite amount of resources and advanced tooling to scale and support your WordPress application as demanded.



WP Rocket provides the essential capabilities to optimize a site using the most important aspects of performance optimization. Most importantly the following prescriptions from Search Engines like Google and Yahoo:

  • Enable Lazy loading images
  • Enable HTML Minification
  • Enable CSS Minification
  • Enable JS Minification
  • Enable caching for mobile devices



CloudFlare brings your website content closer to your visitors, your website’s speed and performance is increased to a great extent. In fact, according to CloudFlare statistics, you will see an average increase of 30% in your website speed and 60% less consumption of bandwidth. In addition to speed improvements, CloudFlare also provides protection from DDoS attacks, protection from automated bots and spammers, email harvesting protection and various other benefits. CloudFlare also keeps monitoring all incoming traffic to your website, filters out malicious traffic and allows only genuine visitors to pass. This reduces the number of hits to your site and also saves on resources for even better speed.


Hummingbird zips through your site and finds new ways to make it load faster with file compression, minification, browser caching, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring – because when it comes to pagespeed, every millisecond counts.


VaultPress / JetPack

Use our Cloud Integration Tools to post notifications to Slack, automatically trigger a build with your CI system after syncing to Test, or clear CDN caches on deploy. With Cloud Integration Tools, you can integrate with almost any tool via simple web hooks and streamline your team’s work with automated workflows.

The World’s Most Trusted WordPress Backup Plugin. Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your WordPress site. The world’s highest-rated and most installed WordPress backup plugin.


Let’s Encrypt is a global Certificate Authority (CA) that let’s  people and organizations around the world obtain, renew, and manage SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates can be used by websites to enable secure HTTPS connections. Let’s Encrypt offers Domain Validation  certificates


Monitor and Optimize Every Web Experience

On Brainstorm, all sites are protected with the Pingdom monitoring plan providing visibility into your website’s performance. We constantly follow the releases, drill down and see the impact of specific modules or plugins, and troubleshoot, down to the function call, specific transaction bottlenecks with the best-in-class software analytics tool suite.

Test the availability of your websites, applications and services that are crucial to your organization via our network of 70+ probe servers worldwide, as often as every minute. When an incident happens, we alert you immediately with all the information you need to resolve the issue quickly and confidently.

Pingdom monitors much more than just whether your website is available: get alerted on error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and lots more. When your website becomes available again our system will notify you that all is well.


Best-in-class Support

Get support from actual Drupal and WordPress developers, on your schedule.” heading=”h3″ text=”Get support from actual Drupal and WordPress developers, on your schedule.

Our support team is staffed by Drupal and WordPress developers, not call-center script readers. Get help from someone who has solved dozens of problems just like yours and knows Drupal and WordPress inside out. Our web and CMS performance experts are always on deck to quickly identify the root causes and recommend a solution. And since our team knows Drupal and WordPress as well as they know the platform, there’s no finger-pointing between your website and our platform.

24/7 Chat Support from Developers

Get questions answered even faster with chat support, available 24/7. Chat support is available for all users on the platform, regardless of plan level. Rest easy knowing Brainstorm’s team of Drupal and WordPress developers is available to help round-the-clock.

Guaranteed Launch Success” All Elite plans come with Brainstorm’s Launch Guarantee. You get a dedicated on-boarding manager who will guide you through training, traffic and launch planning, load testing, and more. Our on-boarding team will make sure your site launch is successful.


Technology Providers

  • WAAYB Organics
  • Square
  • WooCommerce
  • ShipStation
  • CloudFlare

From our customers

Brainstorm has been a big part of our success – we highly recommend making them a partner with your business.

— Victor Trasoff – WAAYB Organics

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