We Are a NO R-WORD Company!

We Are a NO R-WORD Company!

One of the great things that you get to do when you start your own company is to seed the culture with ideas that are important to you.

Many of the great companies in the world have been able to do this: Google’s “Do No Evil” (which evolved into “Do the Right thing) imperative which was a blanket guide to try to not do harm when making business decisions.

Tom’s “One for One” initiative to provide underprivileged individuals with new shoes, and the Honest Company that had the inspiration of creating products that are better through integrity and using quality ingredients.

I always hoped that one day I would work at a company that actively respects the dignity of individuals who have special needs, especially those people who have Down syndrome and Autism, and they codified it by creating a policy that takes a stand against the use of the r-word.

It has always bothered me that the use of the r-word is so liberally used throughout a company; not only just casually but about customers and bad decisions, and simply because it has become apart of the popular vernacular.

Our goal is to not try to regulate speech but rather hire and educate employees who believe the use of the r-word and other derogatory phrases that disparage individuals with special needs will not be tolerated.

Brainstorm is my opportunity to make this dream a reality.

We encourage individuals that share our vision to join the say NO to the R-Word initiative and feel comfortable doing business with a company that respects all individuals regardless of their physical and mental capabilities.

Everyone is welcome at Brainstorm and we will treat you and your families with respect both within our company and by doing business with likeminded the customers.

We will not tolerate doing business that violates our golden rule – you can rest assured that the websites on our platform also abide by our policy of respect not only for those with special needs but also everyone equally.

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