What we do for our customers


Brainstorm Hosting’s staff innately understands your company’s success is contingent on our error-free execution. Brainstorm Hosting’s customer support staff is your engineering staff, and they average about 15 years of experience.

Our industry veterans know the solution to your problem before the questions are even asked.

Who would you prefer to host your company’s mission critical infrastructure – a novice or a seasoned pro? Brainstorm Hosting’s configuration ensures continuous operations. Component failure will never escalate to service failure. Unfortunately, commodity managed hosting vendors have learned they can increase short-term profitability by skimping on redundancy.

They simply don’t consider the full ramifications of system or component failure to their customer’s business. They believe if they swap “like for like” hardware within an hour, all is forgiven. However, your staff will still have to spend hours, or even days, re-deploying your code, data, and configuration to fully restore your service.

At Brainstorm Hosting, we ask the question, “Instead of replacing in an hour, what if it never failed in the first place?”


Brainstorm Hosting stands alone as the only cloud or managed hosting provider to deliver a 100% SLA with zero exceptions or carve outs for scheduled or emergency maintenance windows.

Only Brainstorm Hosting is able to maintain, repair, and upgrade our environment with zero interruption to the customers’ service. Our expertise, architecture and design, combined with our commitment to doing things the right way – not the easy or expedient way – provide the certainty, knowing that your infrastructure will never be down.

While the industry as a whole claims to support 100% uptime, the truth is far from it. Service providers interrupt their customer’s business when they schedule and or declare an emergency maintenance window, defined as “whenever is needed for as long as it takes”.

At Brainstorm Hosting, we believe that no company should be down because it’s more convenient or economical to take data centers offline for maintenance.


At Brainstorm Hosting, we don’t believe in “off-the-shelf” or “out-of-the-box” solutions. Everything we do is custom, from design to deployment to support. Our Solution Architects listen to you to understand your company’s unique needs, then craft your architecture to meet those requirements.

Once designed, your system is built to our exacting standards, which is why we’re able to offer our 100% AlwaysUp SLA guarantee. And, managed service doesn’t mean self-service, so our clients are never left to fend for themselves. Our subject matter experts are available 24/7/365, ready to assist you and your staff.

At Brainstorm Hosting, you’ll never be treated like a number, since our 3:1 staff-to-customer ratio squashes the 3:500 staff-to-customer ratio that exists in the industry. You won’t get lost in the crowd because, at Brainstorm Hosting, there is no crowd.


When asked about scalability, most cloud and dedicated server providers answer, “that’s easy, just buy more.” Only those who put selling their products ahead of addressing their customers’ needs would take such a self-serving and simplistic approach.

Brainstorm Hosting’s architects have scaled some of the world’s largest and most successful Internet sites in the Software-as-a-Service, social networking, video streaming, online advertising, healthcare, finance, gaming, and online dating verticals.

Not matter what the situation, Brainstorm Hosting understands how to apply the right tool, at the right time, for the right job.


Brainstorm Hosting knows only experienced architects, not APIs or software, can successfully support complex managed hosting solutions. GUIs and FAQs are woefully insufficient when your company needs meaningful expertise, design, architecture, or support.

Brainstorm Hosting understands your company requires experienced architects to deliver soup-to-nuts solutions that deliver customized architecture and design, server, storage, network, security, database, application, operating system, virtualization, monitoring, alerting, performance trending analysis, back-up, archiving, load balancing, and migration.

Enterprise and SMB companies especially need more than just infrastructure and a platform. Above all, they need a trusted hosting partner able to deliver on time, under budget, and beyond expectations. Since 2001, Brainstorm Hosting has seen all sorts of hosting, hardware, and architecture trends come and go.

As one of the oldest and most mature managed hosting providers, Brainstorm cuts through the hype to the solutions your business needs, not the latest buzzword.


All the headaches, distractions, and overhead associated with operations go away when Brainstorm Hosting’s architects provide everything your company needs to design, support, configure, maintain, and scale your outsourced operations.

We take care of everything but your code allowing you to focus on core competencies and boost revenue. Try Brainstorm Hosting today and experience the peace of mind of having the industry’s most respected and reliable custom managed hosting solution.

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